Guillermo “Huck” Diaz: I just showed Madonna’s daughter my Madonna tattoo
October 22, 2014 News

Guillermo “Huck” Diaz: I just showed Madonna’s daughter my Madonna tattoo


Guillermo Diaz also told the story during an interview with Queen Latifah…

The original article continues below:

Last year “huge Madonna fan” Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck on Scandal – one of the greatest shows on TV right now – went on Conan and talked about attending the Girlie Show from the front-row!
In case you missed it, check it out HERE!

In a recent interview with dot429, he was asked what kind of Madonna fan he was…

Last night I was watching the MDNA tour at midnight just before bed. Because when there’s nothing else on TV, I’ll just throw on one of her concerts. And it’s funny because all of these things keep happening that make me feel like I’ll meet her one day, but part of me doesn’t really want to meet her because I love her so much.

I was in a store the other day when I saw Mercy, her adopted daughter from Malawi, and I thought, “Oh that’s Mercy.” And then I was like, “Oh my God, this is Madonna’s daughter.” I stayed next to her — not in a creepy way — because I was in the same greeting-card area, and then I hear who I’m assuming was her nanny and this other guy who looked like her bodyguard call her name, and I was like, “Oh, my God.”
And then as I’m looking at her some people recognized me and asked to take a picture with me, and I thought, “Oh, cool, maybe they’ll look over and be like [affects silly, self-deprecating voice] that’s Guillermo from Scandal!” And I’ll get to meet Mercy. But it didn’t happen

Then I go upstairs to pay, and they’re in front of me — Mercy and the nanny and the bodyguard —and the nanny turns around and goes, “You’re in the movies! You’re that actor!” And flips out over me. And Mercy is just kind of looking at me, and I’m thinking, “Oh my God, it’s happening.” [laughs] And I don’t know why, but I look at Mercy, and I go, “Hi, Mercy, I know who you are”—  like, what am I saying? — and she just stared at me.

The nanny was really nice and asked to take a picture of me. And then I say to the nanny that I have a tattoo of Mercy’s mother on my arm. [laughs] And she’s like, “Let me see!” And I’m showing the nanny, and the nanny is like, “Mercy, look!” And I’m showing Mercy the tattoo of her mother, and Mercy just stares at me and stares at the tattoo. It was crazy. I was like, what the fuck? I just showed Madonna’s daughter a tattoo of her mother.

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