YOU are an IDIOT!… according to Deadmau5
October 7, 2012 News

YOU are an IDIOT!… according to Deadmau5

Deadmau5 was recentely interviewed by SPIN magazine and tried way too much to keep a cool attitude and show how trendy and hip he is.

Like it’s often the case, when somebody is trying to get some attention they bash Madonna.
He already called her a fucking idot and a funky grandma, but this time he chose to insult us, you, her fans… without any sort of distinction!

Read this…

SPIN: You know you gave Madonna a pass for pandering to the EDM crowd with her MDMA references, right?
Deadmau5: I should have been more relentless, but I thought it looked like I was after attention, and then it became an exercise in futility dealing with her fans. There’s no such thing as winning against 10 million idiots. You’re farting against thunder on that one.

Wanna answer?… @deadmau5

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