Watch Madonna’s new video “No fear, Courage, Resist”
June 26, 2021 News, Video

Watch Madonna’s new video “No fear, Courage, Resist”

Madonna has collaborated with Ricardo Gomes on a Pride Month-themed called “No fear, Courage, Resist.”

Freedom is the theme of the short film, which was premiered today at Times Square in New York.

Madonna said…

This Video was made For Pride

With Love. To Remind everyone that we need to have
No Fear
And to Resist anyone who tries to make us feel like we are
Less then OR not deserving of Human Dignity and Respect!
We don’t wAnt Special Rights………We want Equal Rights! Power to the People! So Grateful that it played in Times Square last night And
so many could watch it! Thank You to All who made this possible.

Check it out…

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