Madonna sued for starting her concerts too late
November 10, 2019 News

Madonna sued for starting her concerts too late

Madonna’s Madame X Tour has been getting more and more negative press due to the show starting late. Two days ago, Madonna managed to break her own personal record by starting the show at 12:10am! Even the fans are getting annoyed and being vocal on social media, but it looks like it may get even worse…

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Madonna and Live Nation are being sued by a ticket holder in Florida who claims he lost a bunch of money after they moved the start of concerts from 8:30pm to 10:30pm.

In the docs, Nate Hollander claims way back in August he purchased tickets to Madonna’s December 17 concert in Miami Beach, and it was originally slated to begin at 8:30pm.

According to the suit, Madonna has not been punctual on tour, often taking stage two hours later than scheduled, and she recently switched her start times to 10:30pm, which Nate claims is ridiculous for the Tuesday evening show he was planning to attend.

The guy suing Madonna claims his tickets much less valuable now that the concert is starting 2 hours later than initially planned, and he claims he’s been denied a refund on the $1,024.95 he forked over for 3 tix.

Now, he’s gathering up a class of other angry fans and going after Madonna for damages.

The fact that Madonna is not taking any of it seriously, is adding insult to injury.
Her latest Instagram post…

Here’s something you all need to understand … and that is, that the queen is never late.

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