Madonna booed in Las Vegas
November 9, 2019 News

Madonna booed in Las Vegas

It was bound to happen… Madonna got booed last night in Vegas during her Madame X Tour concert when she started the show past midnight!

For the past few tours, Madonna has been known to appear late on stage. This tour is no different, which is why Ticketmaster has been sending out emails for the past couple of months prior to each show informing fans that the start time is 10:30pm.

Yesterday, Madonna broke her own record and only showed up at 12:10am.

According to local reports, the crowd was enthousiastic and was singing along to the acoustic songs played by her band prior to the show at 10pm – 10:45pm. Once the show started almost one hour and a half later, the crowd’s mood had changed and they were not having it. This ended up with hecklers, booing, people leaving early and demanding refunds.

To fans who have been following reviews and social media, this should not come as a surprise.

What do you think?
Is Madonna taking advantage of her fans or should they just put up with cause she’s Madonna?

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