Madonna needs $300,000 for the “Faz Gostoso” video
June 20, 2019 News

Madonna needs $300,000 for the “Faz Gostoso” video

Madonna’s song “Faz Gostoso” featuring Brazilian singer Anitta is the most streamed Madame X song on both YouTube and Spotify!

It’s no wonder fans are requesting an official video.

During a recent Brazilian interview for Globo TV’s Fant├ístico, Pedro Vedova asked if she would make a video with Anitta. Madonna replied…

If I can find the financing for it, yes.
I’ve run out of money.
Maybe Globo TV wants to finance it.
Go back to your bosses and ask them for some cash.
You’re not taking me seriously.
GoFundMe the Anitta “Faz Gostoso” video.
I think we can do it for… I don’t know… 300 grand.

Fun fact, “Faz Gostoso” is a re-recording of a big hit by Luso-Brazilian singer Blaya, which topped the charts in Portugal for months in 2018…

Check out Madonna’s version…

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