The Madame X theory
April 13, 2019 News

The Madame X theory

Fans may have cracked the code and figured out Madonna’s new persona: Madame X!

First piece of evidence: Instagram
Madonna has been posting different images of the letter X and this is what her latest Instagram post looks like:

Madonna Madame X Theory - Instagram

Madonna fan Robster found the same font and tried completing each sentence.
His final result:

Madame X is a secret agent
Traveling around the world
Assuming identities
Fighting for freedom
bringing light to dark places

Madonna Madame X Theory - Instagram Secret

Second piece of evidence: Spotify
Madonna’s Spotify page links to a playlist called #Magic.

Taking the first letter of each song creates the word: Madame

Madonna Madame X Theory - Spotify

Each song also plays a video with the letter X:

Madonna Madame X Theory - Spotify X

What do you think? Has the code been cracked?

Madonna confirmed the Madame X theory by updating her Instagram page:

Madonna confirms Madame X theory

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