Madonna expected to accept 2019 Eurovision Song Contest deal
February 3, 2019 News

Madonna expected to accept 2019 Eurovision Song Contest deal

According to Israeli news site Ynet, Madonna should sign the contract to perform at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in the upcoming days.

Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams who has significantly invested in bringing cultural and sporting events to Israel, is set to bring Madonna to Israel for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. He has been in on-going discussions about financing Madonna’s appearance for around a month and is now ready to sign a deal with the international star.

Sylvan’s business partner informed Ynet that:

Sylvan Adams he devotes his life to branding and strengthening the state of Israel by bringing sports events to culture and innovation. We are in round-the-clock negotiations with Madonna’s people and we hope that in the next few days we will sign her arrival at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

Sylvan Adams believes that the participation of an artist like Madonna in the Eurovision will significantly increase the exposure and media coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and the events that accompany it, and through Madonna’s visit to Israel, millions will be exposed to the wonderful people and beauty of the State of Israel.

The appearance of Madonna at the Eurovision Song Contest is set to cost over $1 million, a figure that the Israeli broadcaster would not have been able to afford. A deal is set to be signed by Mr Adams and Madonna’s management in the next couple of days.

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