P!nk: Madonna is incredible… and terrifying
October 20, 2017 News, Video

P!nk: Madonna is incredible… and terrifying

P!nk was a guest on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live to promote her new album “Beautiful Trauma” and her upcoming world tour.

Huge Madonna fan Andy Cohen of course brought up Madonna and P!nk only had incredible things to say about her…

Growing up as a little girl in Doylestown, Pennsylvania… She just had all this power that I didn’t see around me. She was unapologetic, smart and witty. It’s the same reason I love Janice Joplin, they were witty and they outsmarted people.

She never gave her power away. She did what she wanted. She was talented and could dance her butt off… her outfit, the things that she said and then the SEX book… I just love her. I love her.

I’ve met her. She’s terrifying.
Where did I meet her the first time? On Regis and Kelly.
I was like “Hiii….” and I went into the dressing room and just sat there. She was getting ready, all fabulous and confident. I was like “Wow, if I had an ounce of that confidence…”

She’s so smart, she’s an incredible business woman. She’s in charge.
Truth or Dare… I mean, it goes just on and on and on and on…
I’m a fan.

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