Fashion Police declares Madonna worst dressed with an ageist statement!
May 5, 2016 News

Fashion Police declares Madonna worst dressed with an ageist statement!

Fashion Police aired its special Met Gala episode yesterday and Madonna got chosen as “Worst Dressed”.

Brad Goreski said he had enough of Madonna’s antics, NeNe Leakes said it was a “nay nay” and Tim Gunn said she was simply “too old” while most of the panel agreed!
Only the fantastic Margaret Cho said she loved it and that Madonna could do what she wants!
Melissa Rivers and Brad Goreski ended up naming Madonna as “Worst Dressed” at the Met Gala.

Check it out…

Nene Leakes:

Nay nay nay!
Girl, what are you doing?
Then when she turned to the back and I saw her ass, I was like “Hold it!”

Brad Goreski:

I have had it…
I’ve had enough.
This on anybody… it’s too much.
The jewelry too. It’s 400 carat worth of diamonds. She needed 399 less.
Done. I’ve had enough.

Margaret Cho:

I loved it. I’m sorry.
Can you imagine just walking into the living room and saying “Turn off that video game and finish your homework.”
She’s a mom, she’s awesome, she’s starting to look Asian. She looks very Asian. Now she’s a lactose intolerant math tutor?
I love the bitch, I don’t care.
She can do anything!

Tim Gunn:

It’s perplexing.
Someone else said “When you’re more mature, don’t your boobs go south?” These are going east and west.
I’m not an ageist, but she’s too old to navigate any part of the world wearing this.

Brad on his choice for Worst Dressed:

My worst was Madonna… It makes me so sad, I’m such a fan, but this was a disaster.

Melissa Rivers on her choice for Worst Dressed:

If Anna Wintour approves all the outfits, she clearly hates Madonna.

What do you think?

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