Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Under Fire
July 29, 2015 News

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Under Fire

The teaser for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour features a short segment of pole dancing nuns. The ladies from The Talk were definitely not amused and brought it up during their talkshow.

Here’s the Rebel Heart Tour teaser they were talking about…

A transcript by Madonnarama.

Sheryl Underwood…

First of all, I have to give her a shout out.
She was doing her thing when Leon was black Jesus in “Like a Prayer”.
But this is just whack. This is ratchet.
This is not how you use religious symbols.
It’s corny. It’s dated.
She’s already done it. Stop going back to that.
The song is the cut. Why don’t you just let the song stand by itself.
But you ain’t got to mess with God like that. Stop playing with the nuns on the stripper pole.
When she was younger, we can go ‘Oh, she doesn’t know better, she’s just young and doing her thing.’
Now she’s older and when you know better, you do better.
We’re talking about it to tell Madonna ‘Stop doing that, it’s not cool.’

Sharon Osbourne…

She’s just going back to the old tricks to sell tickets.
She’s not selling a lot of tickets on this tour.
It doesn’t offend me, but there’s a huge population of people that this really damages and they found so offensive.
But it’s the old trick. She’s done it before.
She’s trying to sell tickets because the tour is not selling.

Aisha Tyler…

I’m not offended for a variety of reasons.
Art is meant to provoke, it’s meant to scandalise.
You can be offended by it, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.
The thing I saw when I saw this was she did this when I was a teenager.
We’ve seen this. We’ve seen worse than this.
All of it has been done before.
I honestly didn’t find these images that radical or upsetting.
It’s Madonna. That’s what she does.
I think it’s important to turn these things into a dialogue.

Julie Chen…

The funny thing is, the song and the clip is good until you get to that last shot.
She had me interested and I saw the last shot and I said ‘Really…’

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