[Updated with more info] Details on Madonna’s “Living for Love” music video
January 13, 2015 News

[Updated with more info] Details on Madonna’s “Living for Love” music video

Update: Liz Rosenberg’s comments added

Madonna’s longtime publicist Liz Rosenberg gave some details about the shooting for the “Living for Love” video to columnist Liz Smith…

The original article continues below:

We already know German designer Verena Dietzel who specialises in corsetery has been contacted for Madonna’s upcoming video “Living for Love”.

This time, we have some new info on the dancers.

MDNA Tour dancer Marvin Gofin will be dancing with his new crew “Enfants Prodiges” in Madonna’s new video.

In the past he choreographed the “Justify my Love” routine from the MDNA Tour and appeared alongside Madonna at the Olympia gig in Paris during “Je t’aime… mon non plus”. He was also the main dancer during “Like a Virgin/Love Spent”.

Here’s what he posted on Instagram…

1st BIG week of rehearsal done with my new crew “ENFANTS PRODIGES”.. #uarentready
Lets go to New York!! Dance Act and the new VideoCLip of Madonna for her Come back! #Rebelheart

Details on Madonna's Living for Love music video - Dancers

Some of Marvin Gofin’s previous work…

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