Cleo Nasser creates new song by sampling Madonna acapellas
July 8, 2014 News

Cleo Nasser creates new song by sampling Madonna acapellas

Cleo Nasser used samples from several songs to create a never heard before Madonna song!

Music lovers around the world can now enjoy the newly created track with the actual voice of the Queen of Pop… Madonna. Available on and called “Love Me, Leave Me.”

Cleo Nasser, a Madge superfan who’s been remixing Madonna since the mid 90’s, wanted to try something new: create a song by stitching together Madonna acapellas from the last two decades, digitally remaking the tone, pitch and timing of the words to give a whole new meaning.

I want Madonna fans to identify where each snippet came from. After all, this is a great tribute to her. The central theme is loving relationships, something present in practically all of her discography.

The Nasser-reconstructed Madonna lyrics were then remixed by a group of producers dedicated to remixing the Queen of Pop, part of a collective known as the Madonna Remixers United Alliance and released on RemixRecon Records via

Known for her work remixing Madonna’s songs for years, Cleo Nasser devoted almost six times more time to create Love Me, Leave Me, than what usually takes to make a conventional single remix. The work began in February, with the idea of joining different parts of songs to form a new one.

The biggest challenge was to maintain musical harmony and at the same time create lyrics that made sense and were interesting.
Imagine a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that were not originally part of the same set. Each word and phrase had to be re-shaped for the fitting to be perfect.
I started putting some parts together, checking what made sense and would have the compatible chords, from this verses, the bridge and chorus were created.
In this process, there wasn’t a specific goal in the beginning I was trying to see what could be done and the lyrics were built according to what would work in terms of music. In addition, there was the matter of composing verses in English, which I know well, but is not my native language

In addition to the eight versions of the song, an original music video was created for Love Me, Leave Me to further support the release, the concept and overall message of the original new song.

Track list
1. Madonna – Love Me Leave Me (Original Version) – US$ 1,50
2. Madonna – Love Me Leave Me (Instrumental Version) – US$ 1,29
3. Madonna – Love Me Leave Me (Cleo’s Strings Rapping MIX) feat. New5ense – US$ 1,29
4. Madonna – Love Me Leave Me (CLEOpatra’s Ale JUMP Club MIX) – US$ 1,29
5. Madonna – Love Me Leave Me (Lukesavant Friday Night Rework) – US$ 1,29
6. Madonna – Love Me Leave Me (Lukesavant Saturday Night Rework) – US$ 1,29
7. Madonna – Love Me Leave Me (Dens54 Vs Cleo Remix) – US$ 1,29
8. Madonna – Love ME, Leave ME (Cleo’s Ice Skater 70’s MIX) – US$ 1,29

More details at Cleo Nasser presents Madonna

Cleo Nasser started remixing songs for Madonna homely way in 1995. Autodidact, Cleo developed her mixing techniques from practical experience with software editing and audio creation, and also from knowledge from professionals DJs.
In 2000, Cleo produced some remixes for the songs Justify My Love, One More Chance and Erotica, among others. After a few years hiatus, in 2004 she released a remix for Frozen and another for Ray of Light, which were the beginning of a more professional job.
After Madonna release the album Confessions on a Dancefloor, Cleo decided to remix it, track by track. The DJ made her own versions for each of them, providing a new ‘look’. She determined that the time had come to know other peoples thoughts of her work, which was promptly released on the internet. The return could not have been better. For each song, more and more people become her fans, especially the Brazilian fans of Madonna, but also worldwide. Confessions on a Dancefloor REMIXED by Cleo Nasser was largely responsible for this consecration. For an anonymous DJ, Cleo reached quite success, getting to have her work played at nightclubs around the world and even performed in some radios.
In 2007, Cleo created for the first time a completely new Madonna song. An acappella was created based on a message recorded by the singer to promote the album Bedtime Stories. As a result, the song Often Never was made. The work was so original and fun that Cleo was taken by the excitement and, in the end, five versions were made.
Over several years, Cleo has been remixing Madonna and delighting her fans. In 2009, she served as a DJ, playing live at parties in various locations. Currently, she keeps doing her creations as Madonna launches new albums.

Channing “Lukesavant” began remixing on whim (or by mistake) in December 1999. In the beginning, Lukesavant mostly created instrumental pieces not affiliated with any major artist. In late 2001 after Madonna released GHV2 and in cooperation with Sony and Acid Planet, a remix contest spurred Lukesavant’s desire to continue remixing Madonna. In the last 15 years, Lukesavant has become well known amongst devote Madonna fans seeking audio re-inventions of the Queen of Pop’s cherished classics. Lukesavant caught the ear of Broadway star and Billboard recording artist Matt Zarley remixing two of his past hits in 2008 for Here I Am and in 2011 for Where Did You Come From earning Lukesavant the coveted accolade of being on iTunes United States. Lukesavant earned this achievement a 3rd time with the artist Tinatin remixing her single Wild on iTunes United States. In 2013, Lukesavant remixed and released via a radio edit of Work B*tch by Britney Spears. Currently, Lukesavant manages Madonna Remixers United Alliance (, a community of unsigned remix artists that regularly release well crafted Madonna remix projects, with the latest multi-remixer collaboration titled Madonna: Project Remix. In addition, Lukesavant started RemixRecon Records, an online record label through that allows for legal sampling, sale and remix marketing of many popular world famous artists. Lukesavant is always looking to support and expand the remix community through his facebook pages: Remixers Alliance Diva (, Madonna Fans United ( and the original Madonna Remixers United ( In additional to remixing music, Channing owns a haircare brand launched internationally in 2013 and launching in USA retail stores in 2014.

Dens54 is one of the best Madonna superfan remixers of all time, and at the same time, a quiet, shy guy who does not brag much about himself. Dens Zabee lives in France, and his main hobby is remixing Madonna, and countless other artists. He has an extensive list of remix creations widely available on the internet over the last 2 decades.
Dens54 has created and recreated remixes that made history among other fans, specifically a digitally modified version of Take a Bow, titled Take A Bow-Vocalista Electronica Remix, considered by many fans and followers Dens one of his most original and well-crafted work….EVER! Dens54 is recognized by many Madonna and music production fans in general as one of the greatest unsigned talents via online music sites.
Using his advanced knowledge of techniques for mixing and music production, Dens goes beyond the obvious in a remix, doing more than simply adding energetic beats for a dance floor. He really gives an entirely different and unprecedented atmosphere/approach to each song, delighting Madonna fans over the years with news, impeccable quality of work and great simplicity.

Julio Skov lives in Copenhagen (Denmark), acts as VJ, DJ and is passionate about the Hi-Fi provided by vinyl. Creator of several Madonna video remixes since 2009, his work has been watched by thousands of people worldwide. The first video was for the song She’s Not Me, whose inspiration came from a remix done by DJ Lovesquad.
Remixing videos is more than a hobby for Julio. Many of his friends are currently in several parts of the world, who have become fans of his videos. Earlier, Julio worked with it for fun, but suddenly some people started sharing his work and started making specific requests.
Besides the Queen of Pop, Julio also produces material with Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Prince and other artists. Over the years, the VJ realized it was possible to go further and include important messages in his creations, building more elaborate scripts. Julio is already responsible for more than 70 editions of videos.

The choice of Emerson Duarte as the project designer goes beyond his professional capacity. Emerson is an advertising professional, and also passionate about art and a Madonna fan for decades, since he heard, for the first time, at age twelve, a cassette tape of the album Like a Virgin. His collection now includes hundreds of CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, vinyls and magazines, among other items. Not even a broken foot could impede him to give up on attending one of Madonna’s shows in 1993, a tradition that he maintains: Emerson has attended all of Madonna’s performances in Brazil!
Since 1990, Emerson has worked in advertising for many agencies. Nowadays, he is a creative director. Emerson offers an innovative and unconventional approach to art direction. He gathers artistic mind and creative talent for an assertive communication. Noted for his expertise in various agencies, he has in his large portfolio design concepts, editorials, brands, ads, graphics, web & digital and packaging. Recently, Emerson set up his own business, Emerson Duarte Studio.

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