Arthur Fogel: Madonna is at the top of her game
January 17, 2014 News

Arthur Fogel: Madonna is at the top of her game

Premium entertainment network EPIX announced that “Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel?” will make its World Premiere on Wednesday, January 29, at 8PM ET.

“Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel” pinpoints the turning point in Live Nation Entertainment CEO Arthur Fogel’s career — and the global touring business — and has been directed by Fogel’s lifelong friend Ron Chapman.

Here’s a transcript by Madonnarama of what Arthur Fogel said about Madonna in the latest teaser…

I think that in all honesty I’ve learned a lot from her abilities to promote, market, see things, which way to go. She has tremendous instincts and because she’s so iconic she has a tremendous ability to influence press and profile.
She’s very savvy at how she uses those opportunities. It’s a great skill.
She’s at the top of her game after 27, 28 year in and that’s pretty incredible.

Another trailer contains footage from the MDNA Tour pre-show prayer in Ottawa…

The full trailer of the documentary…

Madonna Who The F**k is Arthur Fogel Poster

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