Brahim Zaibat has upcoming projects with Madonna
January 9, 2014 News

Brahim Zaibat has upcoming projects with Madonna

Brahim Zaibat was a guest on the French TV show “Le Grand 8” where he talked about the MDNA Tour and his upcoming projects with Madonna.

Here’s a transcription and translation by Madonnarama…

Laurence Ferrari: What does it feel like performing in front of thousands of people with the biggest pop star?
Brahim Zaibat : The first show is heartwarming, but the second, sixth, eightieth… it’s a job. Really.

Laurence Ferrari : You will also continue working with Madonna. There are other artistic projects in the works…
Brahim Zaibat : Yes, all the time, not right now, but in the future there are tours and lots of other stuff…

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