Patrick Leonard misses Madonna and would “absolutely” love to work with her again
October 12, 2013 News

Patrick Leonard misses Madonna and would “absolutely” love to work with her again

Now that Madonna has been put up for induction in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Showbiz411 columnist (and Madonna hater) Roger Friedman chatted with Patrick Leonard about his writing process with the Queen of Pop.

Patrick Leonard wrote the music for, among others: Like a Prayer, Cherish, True Blue, Live to Tell, La Isla Bonita, Frozen, Hanky Panky, Sky Fits Heaven, Nothing Really Matters, I’ll Remember, or Something to Remember. He was also a producer on Open Your Heart.

He says…

Madonna wrote the lyrics with me, and helped create the melodies.
She put me on the map, I’m grateful.
I’m one of those people behind the curtain.
If she [Madonna] hadn’t sung those songs, no one would have heard them.
She’s made it possible for me to do what I’m doing now.
I was writing music, and I was bringing it to Madonna. She would help supply lyrics and offer changes in the music. She’d refine it.
You give her a track, she sings the melody. She’s very very talented.
One doesn’t exist without the other. She always showed up and she was always completely involved.
I miss her, actually.
She writes a lot with deejays now.
I don’t care if she goes into the Songwriters Hall of Fame without me. I don’t believe in awards. They’re all in a closet somewhere.
I just believe in moving forward.

They haven’t written together since 1997.
Would he like to do it again?


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