Madonna, Share whatever f***ing photos you want on Mobli!
February 26, 2013 News

Madonna, Share whatever f***ing photos you want on Mobli!

When Madonna took a picture of a picture by American modernist artist Man Ray depicting the naked torso of his lover Lee Miller, and then decided to post it on Instagram, it got removed pretty quickly.

Here’s the picture…

Madonna on Instagram (17)

Instagram sent Madonna an email reminding her of the Community Guidelines, which she also posted on Instagram…

Madonna on Instagram (18)

Real-time photo and video sharing phone application Mobli saw this as a marketing opportunity and posted the following on Twitter…

Hello Madonna,

It has come to our attention that your Instagram account has violated their Communty Guidelines.
In short, we humbly ask that you:
– Share whatever f***ing photos you want on Mobli. You’re Madonna.
– Share photos and videos that show how fabulous you are. You’re Madonna
– Terms of Service? You’re Madonna.
– Illegal content? You’re f***ing MADONNA.

We strongly suggest importing your photos and videos that other networks don’t appreciate to Mobli.

You said “everyone is entitled to my opinion” and we agree. You are a work of art, a symbol of freedom, and you must not be censored.
Because never forget, you’re Madonna.

You are queen, and your kingdom awaits.

So what do you think?
Who got it right? Instagram or Mobli?

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