Madonna 1974 Rochester Adams High School Yearbook Auction
December 4, 2012 News

Madonna 1974 Rochester Adams High School Yearbook Auction

Up for auction this week is Madonna’s old high school-college era friend Ondine Massot’s personal Madonna yearbook.

Madonna 1974 Rochester Adams High School yearbook


40 years ago, global superstar Madonna was an ambitious 15-year-old high school cheerleader, dancer and local Rochester, Michigan beauty. Now is your chance to own a very special piece of memorabilia from that time.

Being sold by Ondina Massot is a 1974 Rochester Adams High School yearbook with an astounding five photos of the Queen of Pop from when she was a sophomore in high school, and featuring her signature next to her class photo.

To die hard fans, Ondina’s photos with Madonna represent a special friendship the icon had during a unique span of time from when she was only 15 and in high school up until her infamous move to New York to become the legend we all know today.

Ondina taught Spanish at Adams High that school year (1973-1974) and even had Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone as a student at Van Hoosen Junior High. She became friends with Madonna during that time and would maintain that friendship for several years afterward.

Rochester Adams High School Yearbook 1974
– Madonna’s signature by her class photo
– An impressive 5 various photos of Madonna in total
– Class photos of two of Madonna’s siblings at that time
– Class photo of Madonna’s first ever “Boy Toy,” Russell Long

The book is in great, if not mint, condition and the 40-year-old Pop culture treasure will be sold in a 7-day eBay auction from December 7th at 12 Noon PST to December 14th at

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