Debi Mazar Reveals she was Madonna’s Makeup Artist in the 80s
August 17, 2012 News

Debi Mazar Reveals she was Madonna’s Makeup Artist in the 80s

Before she became a successful actress, food blogger, and the host of a cooking show, Debi Mazar was a makeup artist.
She did Madonna’s hair and makeup for the Virgin tour in 1985 and the Who’s That Girl Tour in 1987.
Mazar describes the look she and Madonna created as “theatrical”.
She said…

“My only issue was trying to keep the makeup on her, so I tended to use a lot of creams because of the sweat factor.
All those new ingredients like luminizers and silicones slip off-they look great when you’re just sitting around, but on stage the makeup actually needs to hold on.
So I used products that wouldn’t fall off the face.
I used pan stick on her skin, liquid liner to define her eyes, and I would rub lipstick on her cheeks to give them color.
And back then they hadn’t taken out the ingredients that really makes the color stick to your lips!
I was forever trying to get her to pluck those eyebrows.
She would never go for it — it was her Latin heritage and she wanted to keep them.
It wasn’t until François Nars came in and convinced her to pluck them at a Stephen Meisel shoot that she agreed to do it.”

Source: Allure

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