The MDNA Tour in Barcelona [20 & 21 June 2012 – Pictures, Videos & Reviews]
June 20, 2012 Pictures

The MDNA Tour in Barcelona [20 & 21 June 2012 – Pictures, Videos & Reviews]

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I was number 96 in the early queu and, thanks to a friend of mine, I got a golden access via ipad!!! So happy!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
The show was unbelievable and Madonna was brilliant, happy, full of energy and very close to her fans!!!
I’m still in shock!!! *_*

The MDNA Tour will confirm Madonna as The Queen of Pop ! Madonna proved it definitely during her first indoor gig of the MDNA Tour. The concert took place at the Palau Saint Jordi, the concert venue with the most beautiful walk to it in beautiful nature and alongside amazing buildings. Late afternoon, she rehearsed Hung Up, Give Me All Your Luvin and Masterpiece amongst others. Doors went open at 7.15 pm, Martin Solveig played his 1 hour set set as from 8.15 pm and Madonna only started at 10.15 pm, this seems to become her MDNA time this tour. ‘What’s up, Barcelona’ and Madonna was ready for an amazing concert of 1 hour and 50 minutes. She talked about MDNA and told us we’re all from the same DNA, ‘You all know me by now’. The show has a lot of highlights like Express Yourself and Give Me All Your Luvin but the applause during Noboby Knows Me is again very captivating. Turn Up The Radio seems to become the sing-a-long anthem of the MDNA Tour.

Madonna ended her Superbowl gig with World Peace and started her first gig of the MDNA Tour as the concert of Piece. If you see the fans’ reaction to Beautiful Killer during Martin Solveig’s set, this is definitely one of their most favourite tracks. Madonna rehearsed Express Yourself, Vogue, I’m Addicted and I’m A Sinner amongst others. The noise of the helicopter flying over during Gang Bang is really awesome. Fans are really happy to have Papa Don’t Preach back in the set. She’s really proud of her backing group Kalakan and presents them in a very proud way. First Madonna fans showing up with No Fear T-shirts and Strong Women T-shirts. During the show, she teaches us a new saying : Fuck Yeah ! ‘Are you having a good time ? Fuck Yeah !’, ‘Do you wanna hear the next song ? Fuck Yeah !’ and she ends with an even more beautiful saying to her fans ‘I am nothing without you’.

19 June, we departed from Eindhoven to Barcelona with Ryanair, and we I mean myself, Gert, my son Jayden and Tristan 1 year for 10 years. My friend Chantal also went along with her because I went to the concert on June 20 in barcelona been.

The flight went well and around 21.00 in the evening we were in our hotel in Barcelona, ??then we ate some errands such as water and food purchased for us madonna adventure.

Next morning around 8.00 am by Ingrid went to the hotel which was already in Barcelona and also went to the concert and so are we out of her hotel by bus to the stadium gone. Once off the bus it was time to find the entrance, so just now?! We saw a Spanish lady who went to the concert with pitches so we thought that we track down who knows where the entrance to our drive, unfortunately it was not and she went to ask where the security entrance. This pointed to a lot more and we walk around the stadium because the gates were still open and you had very thin. Unfortunately they sent us the wrong way and we had to comeback and then the opposite way to the right side of the stadium to come. Along the row of Early Access and hung already seen quite a list of names and now we knew the next day should be given early access ingrid and I had the 2nd concert, Chantal who was not only a card that had for day 1. Meanwhile we had lost so 45 minutes before we arrived at the correct row and were therefore already now number 325 pfff that was not promising the queue was enormous. Well we could sit back and the fence would be around 12 o’clock and then we could open the stadium for the correct input sit. Around 11.15 we still take a bathroom break and then a row with only 1 toilet in a tent where you could buy food and drinks and when we almost had to turn everyone suddenly went up and the weather was chaos … we quickly run and pads that we brought ingrid arrested and had our bags all along who was still in the row …. then we went inside but with tufts of numbering knocked almost nothing so we’re pretty forward, and because the 2 rows as we sat in row 2 were still quite more forward just inside the fences and the rest of the people outside …. can you see in the picture ….

It was extremely hot in the sun despite my cap and sunglasses, it was almost impossible to hold out, luckily a lot of water with us and a Spaniard, we got an umbrella against the sun (I had also taken from home but forgotten in the bag to do) and that helped some. Around 5 o’clock weather GAOS because they came with the ipad pittickets for the lottery and they started early in the row so everyone moved forward again and we thought then we also ….. but unfortunately it was so difficult to arrive at the gate and they did not like in Rome in early accessions that everyone in line could express …. ingrid managed it but unfortunately mispoes and just when I decided they wanted to push to the other side … we go back to the other side walk but unfortunately did not get a chance to express and chantal not fat .. so unlucky but this chaos, everyone was back together and we were a final and rather lanky No 325 now I think we were number 100 or something so that something ailed quite a lot ….. it was so clear that it is very different from the ordinary tickets as for the early access and have been sorry that I did not do everything early and that it must be really lucky you will win by a simple pit unless you get to the 1st 100 is the bigger opportunity.

around 18.00 pm we had even more evident in the gates and we were in the blood heat now and thought we may as inside …. the winners were from the pit row and were in a separate row to enter but not before we ….. unfortunately we could only 19.15 hours to our ticket, and was checked and the bags are also very strict and I had to remove everything that was in Rome at all. I had a bottle hidden at the bottom and that they did not so yesss we had to drink in and was also necessary, with this heat …..

19.22 hours and finally at our cozy place not so bad after row 4/5 left at the tip of the catwalk and because the stage was much lower than in rome you could just very well. It was also the main stage is much smaller than rome but the catwalk was as tall and the pit so that also is evident for Amsterdam as this is approximately the same size ….

20.19 Martin finally started and we were quite heavy with 32 degrees inside the stadium bit of air but you hardly felt and all pushing people around you … hot and tired and thirsty …. they came along with beer and had to buy something but because we drink a glass was now on …. just before Madonna started …. or sips taken but the cold of the cup against your skin was nice and pulled us through it was really suffer and saw one after the other in another 5 minutes before Madonna began fainting …. a guy next to us who had too much and too fast beer drinking was suddenly not good and there was 3 men of the 1st and wanted to help him take but he did not and got some water over him and snapped back on what …..

Madonna began about 22.11 just as in Rome too late but I was glad she had since I started really as difficult with heat …. but they started and I was all fatigue forgotten and ingrid also, Chantal had some difficult to break is gone from the side and go see the concert and also honestly say that you had a good view from all sides and all seating is also a good prospect for Amsterdam ….

Madonna was another summit, even more comfortable and happier than in Italy and I could actually from what I see …. everything was okay again and enjoyed the music and everything around it …. it was a pity that it was over but Fortunately we had another night …. still take a quick tour book bought in italy what was that not a single stall after getting more and was glad that I finally had a …

Then taxi and go to bed and then again on the alarm at 6.30 am for day 2 ….

Day 2 I had again agreed with Ingrid hotel and from the bus to the stadium, this time we were there and were only about 8.25 to 29 and number 30 on the list we were surprised there is so little difference from the previous day at the Early accessions were sure there were already 90 at that time …. so we were thrilled it would be better than the previous day and would certainly stand to catwalkhek … also it was much more relaxed no hustle, and bustle in a row but lovely separate sitting and everyone stuck to their number. It was even hotter this day and I had my umbrella with me now and again our wonderful inflatable cushions …. Ingrid and I had fun and learned a hollander know who resides in Spain and has been with us all day the Spaniards were today … nice and cozy and nice english could also saw some faces from the day before and the Australian was present and was number 1.

unfortunately, no toilets and we had to do it somewhere behind bushes and I had my happy back wipes with me. Furthermore, it was very hot and we were all much in the shade until we get the security back in the row had to sit on order … the day went pretty fast and they arrived around 16.30 pm with the bands and our tickets early access scanning , then they came with the infamous IPAD and the nerves hit us again. We had now with 1 arm back so that we could express 1x per person, but apparently because they already had bad experiences of dual pressures experienced. For me, they won again so again no thought hey I have not and I had again Sure it is your lucky day. it was to ingrid and yes she had concratulations much they had won and we were welcome, this experience together in the pit that was great and I could not have been happier 2x 3 concerts in the pit in which I was happy and happy girl. Well we met that man we met that dutch / spanish was to take us and he if he would win and he stood in line behind ingrid ingrid and therefore we 3s and put his arm before the tape forward, but unfortunately we were now only 2 max and thus take 1 person and that was what bales in rome, we went and some with 3 or 4 and now it was suddenly but with max 2 … so happy I got the strap ingrid and not of the boy and I was relieved pfff …. thanks again ingrid am forever grateful …. also we got a wristband as proof besides a punch in the neck with happy birthday on it and I think this is unfairness to counteract the straps … so the conclusion is tightened after a series of concerts unfortunately, while I was told after rome was not so hard to win, it is now harder and with fewer people inside, a stamp nor more 1 OP3 / 4 winners, but there was now sometimes not won 6 between pfffff ….

thought it was sad for him because he had bad luck with printing …. but what happened …. because not all tickets were sold on and if they had anyone who had not won one more time printing and unfortunately had to bad luck man standing behind him but did have luck but was only so we told him dude whether you can go in with him and he did. The man agreed and gave him as his 2nd band together as they could not and still no word had spoken with each other. So our friend very happy and grateful and this proves that there are still good people in the world that some other award. Meanwhile, by the 2nd round and won yet more people from our part of the 1st row 40 still quite a lot of winners …..

Around 18.30, we went inside and got our laminate watch what is in early access and we could go inside, half an hour earlier than the rest …. unfortunately no soundcheck seen the day before either, but at the forefront in main stage in the middle is really good visibility and space to stand and our dream of me and ingrid were fulfilled and with a sense of dream experienced this show it was so we could share some super intense …. Madonna right before our sweat dripped from her the warmth she was soaking wet … but so good and so fun and cheerful even more than the day before …. they did a long speech and she said many, many more than the other concerts in Tel Aviv after …… I found this so far the nicest and best and greatest and did great with ingrid be able to share … I have the speech and turn up the radio so close to film. it was a dream …. and I still dream ……

and 2 days in barcelona still remained and lived clouds …. nice family with me and my friend Chantal barcelona looked around and to the ramblas, port, beach, family and sagra ghaudi park was ….. was a super short trip and enjoyed the beautiful weather, 2 Great Madonna concerts and had fun with my kids ……. barcelona highly recommended and I’ll be back for Madonna because the stadium is super …… .

to Berlin on 28 and June 30 ….. with Sanne and Ingrid ……

Thanks to everyone who shared their material!

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