Madonna Loves Adele and Kate Middleton
January 15, 2012 News

Madonna Loves Adele and Kate Middleton

Madonna recently gave an interview to the Mirror…
Have a read…

“I think maybe it is too soon to make a film about William and Kate but I definitely would if I could wait a decade first.
I like Kate Middleton and think she’s quite chic and intelligent. I hope she’s a fan of mine, too.”

“Wallis and Edward’s world was so diverse and ­complex and it was a privilege and ­honour to be ­surrounded by a wealth of ­history.
They were such interesting characters and were ­surrounded by so many ­interesting people. I never got bored of their story.”

“Love is the most ­important thing in the world.
I can’t imagine being loved by someone so much that they would give up being the King of England for me.
I’ve never experienced something as big as that.
Am I a romantic? ­Absolutely, ­completely.”

“I was terrified by my first day on set.
I saw all these burly crew men looking at me and thought, ‘Oh God, I have to tell them what to do every day.’
It requires working the left and right side of your brain and surviving on little sleep.
It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.’

“I love Adele.
I think she’s amazing and has an ­incredible voice.
She impresses me most out of the new artists today.”

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