Kylie Minogue: “I’m a massive Madonna fan”
November 27, 2011 News

Kylie Minogue: “I’m a massive Madonna fan”

On the eve of her induction to the ARIA Hall of Fame tomorrow night, Kylie Minogue gave an interview to Andrew Hornery for The Sydney Morning Herald.
Here’s what she said about Madonna…

Andrew Hornery: A lot people compare you with Madonna as being the mistress of reinvention. Do you think that’s a fair comparison? What’s your view on Madonna?
Kylie Minogue: I’m a massive Madonna fan. I’ve only met her briefly and we have some friends in common. A message will go back and forwards, she says ‘hi’ or I say ‘hi’.
Obviously…How can you not love Madonna?
I know she’s got a new album coming out. I hope she kills it.
I want her do to really really well. As a fan I want some great Madonna music.

Andrew Hornery: You’re one of the few women in the world who has probably reached a similar level of fame as what Madonna has.
Kylie Minogue: Well in some places. Definitely not in America. America makes all the difference.. kind of makes you global. So, I suppose without that I’ve done pretty well.

Transcript by Madonnarama

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