Madonna to Nile Rodgers: “Why don’t you want to fuck me?”
November 18, 2011 News

Madonna to Nile Rodgers: “Why don’t you want to fuck me?”

Before performing at the AVO SESSION Basel music festival in Switzerland, Nile Rodgers sat down with Marc Cancer, from Tages Woche, for an interview.

Here is a transcript by Madonnarama…

Marc Cancer: After you worked with her, could you resist her virginity?
Nile Rodgers: (laughs) Could I resist her virginity? Madonna wasn’t a virgin when I met her… hardly!

Marc Cancer: I think she once said she slept with many producers, but I think you were the one who was very straight and worked with her.
Nile Rodgers: It’s really funny, because there’s a story in my book where Madonna and I have a big fight. I quit the record and one day she walks out of the studio, as I’m leaving and she says to me: “Hey Nile, do you think I’m sexy?”
I was like, “Madonna, of course, you are one of the sexiest people I’ve ever met.”
At that point we were great friends, we’d go everywhere, we’d hear people saying “Who’s that girl with Nile? Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl?”
I said “Of course I think you’re sexy” and she just went “Well then why don’t you want to fuck me?”
I was like, “because I’m your producer…” and she said “Well that didn’t stop any of the other ones”.
She didn’t realise that my career as a producer… I had had many, many hits. The other producers that she had worked with, all good producers and friends of mine, their list of hits weren’t the same amount as mine. I had already worked with Diana Ross… Most of my hits were with women.
The only hits that I had with men at that time were Duran Duran, INXS and David Bowie. Everything else was with women.
At an early point in my career, at some point in time, I fooled around with an artist. It wasn’t the right thing, because it made things uncomfortable.
I thought Madonna and I would probably be working together for the rest of our lives, because that record was so perfect. It’s the biggest record of both of our lives. She’s never done a record that big, nor have I. So, it seemed like we were the perfect team to make records forever.
The last thing I wanted to do was….

Marc Cancer:Risk this.
Nile Rodgers: Yeah, it was crazy.
I hate to say things like this, because it’s sort of not fair. Madonna, I think, is amazing. I really do adore her, she’s great.
If you look at videos of the way she was when we first met, that’s how she was.
The way she is now, I don’t even know what that is.
I think that underneath it she’s still the same person that I met.
Madonna, that young girl… it’s always the super good looking guys… I’m not that dude.
When I was working with her, I was doing a film and the star of the film… she wanted to go over and meet him everyday. It was that kind of stuff.
I didn’t even take it seriously. Had I taken it seriously, I wouldn’t have done it, because I was smarter than that.
Plus, I had a million girlfriend, why would I have to sleep with my artist.
I was out partying every single night.
It just felt wrong. It felt almost like sleeping with your sister. It was the wrong thing. It was incestuous to me.

The Madonna questions start around the 16:06 mark..

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