Natalie Dormer takes her hat off to Madonna
September 17, 2011 Interviews, News

Natalie Dormer takes her hat off to Madonna

Natalie Dormer plays the part of a young Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother) in Madonna’s W.E.
The English actress gave an interview to The Independant in which she shows how highly respectful she is of Her Madgesty…

On meeting Madonna…

“She’s the icon who spans three generations – you might as well be in a room with Elvis Presley.
As a child I used to prance alone in front of the mirror to ‘The Immaculate Collection’ dressed in a rah-rah skirt, so it was really difficult walking into that room for the recall.
It was terrifying, but you had to switch that part of your brain off.
I’m an actor and she’s my director, so there is a democracy there, there is an equality.
You need to in order to function.”

On what surprised her most about Madonna…

“Her sense of humour – a very, very sharp, dry sense of humour, which on a set is very important.
She obviously knows what she wants.
I don’t have to comment on that in an interview in ‘The Independent’… everyone knows how and why Madonna is the phenomenon that she is. But I take my hat off to her – she was on a very steep learning curve.
I know from Anthony that a director gets asked hundreds of questions on a daily basis.
It’s a massive mind mess-up of micro-managing.”

On reports of an unhappy set with actress Margo Stilley storming out over “artistic differences”…

“There is going to be so much air whipping around it because it’s Madonna.
You can think what you like of Madonna – about her political choices, and her PR – but you have to respect her courage not to let the critics stop her exploring her potential.”

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