Producer Kris Thykier Delivers Madonna’s Royal Love Story For Merely $15 Million
August 31, 2011 News

Producer Kris Thykier Delivers Madonna’s Royal Love Story For Merely $15 Million

When producer Kris Thykier boarded Madonna’s “W.E.” in the spring of 2010, he treated the movie like any other production: deliver the director’s vision while making something commercial. The $15 million pic is her second as a director and was financed by the singer with the U.K. tax credit.
Thykier stresses that the movie is very much a fictionalized view of the Duke and Duchess’ romance and life together but is “backed by enormous historical research.”
He says to Variety…

“There was no profligacy here.
We knew what we felt the movie should cost in terms of market opportunity and then matching Madonna’s ambition for the movie with that budget was a challenge.
Wallis was a fashion icon and therefore the costume and jewelry aspects of it were significant. They lived in a hugely opulent, aristocratic world and with the sets and costumes needed, it meant we had to deliver the goods.
Madonna had a very clear idea of the world she wanted to create. But what was impressive was her wish and ease with which she wanted to collaborate with the best possible people.
What we wanted to get to was a truth about them and a truth about their world without necessarily trying to create a biopic.”
When an iconic, global entity is involved it will be interesting to see how people react to that, and whether people can judge the film without their own baggage or how they’ve felt about Madonna for 30 years.”

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