Katie McGrath: Madonna is totally not what you expect
August 28, 2011 News

Katie McGrath: Madonna is totally not what you expect

Irish actress Katie McGrath, 27-year-old, mentions Madonna in an interview for LIFE magazine.
Among other things, we learn that Madonna dropped another actress to cast Katie in her directorial second effort “W.E.”

On auditionning for the part…

“Madonna is totally not what you expect.
When I went to audition for the part of ‘Lady Thelma Furness’ last year, she actually lay down on the floor of her dressing room with me to recreate a scene where my character is in bed with King Edward.
I was lying on the ground with Madonna and this supermodel, who was playing my twin sister, pretending we were all in a bed together.
It was a completely surreal moment, to say the least.”

On what she bought for Madonna as a birthday present for her 52nd Birthday last August…

“I didn’t know what to get her.
Eventually I decided on a 50th anniversary edition of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.
I thought that even if she has read it, it’s such a good book and everybody loves the story.”

On working for Madonna…

“People perceive Madonna very differently to what she is actually like.
She’s much more relaxed than you’d think.
She would talk to everyone on set, she knew everyone’s name.
She loved that I was Irish.
She’s really down-to-earth.
Yes, she got stressed, but no more than any other director I’ve worked for.
It’s a stressful job.”

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