Madonna Felt “Fat” at MET Gala
May 4, 2011 News

Madonna Felt “Fat” at MET Gala


New York Magazine asked a few questions to Madonna on the red carpet at the Costume Institute Gala…

New York Magazine: How do you feel in your dress tonight?
Madonna: A little bit Fat.
New York Magazine: How will you remember Alexander McQueen?
Madonna: He was kind of shy, but he had a naughty side to him. We did have a French fry fight one night.
New York Magazine: Could you walk in McQueen’s armadillo shoes?
Madonna: I can walk in anything, baby. And on anything.

Vogue also published the following…

Blake Lively clung to the arm of her date, Karl Lagerfeld, who bumped into Madonna and immediately began whispering in her ear, while Lively was greeted by Gossip Girl guest star Ethan Peck. “Oh my God! How are you?” enthused the Chanel-clad starlet, her newly persimmon-hued hair bouncing as she bobbed her head, “I like your suit!”
“I like your…” Peck gestured in bewilderment at Lively’s draped ensemble for a moment before concluding, proudly, “Your sari!”
“My sari!” she giggled. “Well, kind of!”

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