Madonna: Remixers United [12 Remixes + Artworks]
April 16, 2011 Remixes

Madonna: Remixers United [12 Remixes + Artworks]


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Remixers United, a collaboration between remixers Inco, Dubtronic, Donny, Lukesavant, Alee and Idaho, featuring 12 remixes.

The full list:

The Beast Within (Inco The Time Is Near Remix)
I Know It (Dubtronic Take Your Love And Run Remix)
Cherish (Donny’s Mermaid Splash Mix)
Impressive Instant (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 3 Mix)
Stay ’81 (New Puzzle ’11 Remix)
Get Together (Idaho’s Love Confusion Mix)
Borderline (Dubtronic Lose My Mind Remix)
Supernatural (Donny’s Spiritual Mix)
Forbidden Love (Lukesavant Retrofit Vol 3 Mix)
Intervention (New Puzzle Remix)
Stay (Dubtronic Reconstruction Remix 2011)
Like A Prayer (Donny’s Faithful Mix)

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