Justin Bieber on the VMAs – Britney Spears on Twitter – Update on Madonna.com – Regan Cameron on Trust – Travis Payne on Playing Chess – David Guetta on Madonna
February 13, 2011 News

Justin Bieber on the VMAs – Britney Spears on Twitter – Update on Madonna.com – Regan Cameron on Trust – Travis Payne on Playing Chess – David Guetta on Madonna


Madonna’s Jackson Speech Moved Justin Bieber
Madonna’s tribute to Michael Jackson at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards had a big impact on Justin Bieber.
Her speech made him realize how precious his childhood is.
In new concert movie “Never Say Never”, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun recalls standing next to Bieber at the awards ceremony as Madonna was eulogising the King of Pop just three months after his death.
And when Madonna stated Jackson “never had a childhood” and asked, “How do you recreate your childhood when you are under the magnifying glass of the world for your entire life?” Braun reveals Bieber was moved.
He recalls…

He looked at me and said, “Don’t let that happen to me”

Britney Spears on Twitter

What do you think the comparison they make between you and Madonna? (from @MozyBS)
It’s so flattering! I really LOVE Madonna and she has been a huge inspiration for me.

Madonna’s official website update
Madonna’s official website publishes a nice video of the Sticky & Sweet in St. Petersburg…
The following comment is added…

“Want to learn more about Madonna’s love for St Petersburg?
Check Madonna.com soon!”

We feel a new Hard Candy fitness center could open soon in that area…

Regan Cameron knows why Madonna is at the top
Photographer Regan Cameron gave an interview to the New Zeland’s Herald, explaining how shooting Madonna for the InStyle magazine in 2001 was the real turning point of his career.

“To me you couldn’t get anyone more famous. The Pope maybe. You lifted up the camera, and suddenly they’re in your camera and it’s quite odd.
It was really interesting because I was quite nervous, thinking, ‘she’s not going to listen to a word I say’ but she was totally, ‘what do you want me to do?’
Obviously that’s why she’s at the top – she works with people she trusts.
A big part of [this job] is working that trust level up as fast as possible, otherwise if they think you’re going to make them look like a sack of potatoes, it’s not going to work.”

Choreographer Travis Payne talks about working with Madonna
Celebrity choreographer Travis Payne shares stories of working with Madonna on the Power of Goodbye video and how she didn’t know how to play chess…

“She was very about the business, very to the point and very cordial in that working environment…
She didn’t know how to play chess. It was a chess game in the video that we were creating and she didn’t know how to play chess or at least she said she didn’t and she wanted me to show her how to play chess. So I was showing her what I knew and it was pretty cool. We pulled it off.
I had met her before in Mexico, but we never worked together. She was doing The Girlie Show and I was on tour with Michael for the Dangerous Tour. So all of the dancers would go back and forth to each other’s shows while we were there together that week and I met her first there at one of her concerts.”

David Guetta: Madonna was very cool
At the Clive Davis Party after the Grammys, David Guetta gave a short interview…

Did you get to work with Madonna on the remix?
David Guetta: We met, but we were not together in the studio.
How was she?
David Guetta: She was cool, very cool.
She loves club music
David Guetta: Always, always she was there all her life
And you keep remixing everything. It never ends…
David Guetta: Actually I don’t really remix that much anymore. it was special for her…

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