William Orbit Tweets About “Run” and “W.E.”
January 11, 2011 News

William Orbit Tweets About “Run” and “W.E.”

Fans have started bombarding William Orbit on his Facebook and Twitter account regarding the Music album outtake, Run.
Here’s what he posted on his twitter account:

On January 9, 2011

what’s all this business about ‘Run’?
hmmm, if enough people brought it up i might go look in my archive. But wd never leak. This is M’s call

On January 10, 2011

this ‘Run’ thing. Am not gonna leak it. But hey, if i suddenly find i got 10,000 nu followers, then who knows…

Guys, guys. I really wouldn’t leak a Madonna track. No way. This is totally her call.

no leaky deaky. stay frosty. I did check out the track tho and imho it would need work. Might as well do nu ones

Hey, I’ll give y’all one info snippet: I’ve seen her new movie a few times, in progress, and it’s really really good

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