Ricky Martin talks about Madonna on Oprah
November 3, 2010 News

Ricky Martin talks about Madonna on Oprah


Ricky Martin was on Oprah, today, and Madonna came up in the conversation…

Oprah: There was a time when – you describe in the book – Madonna comes up and she said to you “Stop doing interviews, because people already know who you are.” And you said it wasn’t until later that you really understood what she meant. What was it that you understood?

Ricky Martin: That you need to step out of the picture for a second and look at everything that’s going on. I was obsessed with work, because if I stopped working and I dare to go to that moment of silence, a lot was going to come in and I was just not ready to listen to what my body, my feelings were telling me. So she said “Dude, step out of the picture. You need a break. Everybody knows who you are. Why do you keep doing interviews.”

Oprah: I thought that was such a profound moment.

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