Madonna cancels Madame X Tour concert in Paris after fall
March 1, 2020 News

Madonna cancels Madame X Tour concert in Paris after fall

After falling from a chair two nights ago, Madonna cancelled tonight’s Madame X show at The Grand Rex in Paris.

Here is the statement from the venue regarding the March 1 cancellation…

Madonna’s Madame X show this evening at the Grand Rex is cancelled.

We regret to inform you that tonight’s Madame X concert at The Grand Rex is cancelled as a result of ongoing injuries.

Fans who ordered tickets online will have to contact point of sale to be refunded.
For additional refund requests, please contact them.

We regret the disappointment to fans.

Madonna also posted the following on Instagram…

Here I Am——Flesh and Blood If only knees didn’t twist and cartilage didn’t tear and nothing hurt and tears never fell out of our eyes………But alas they do and Thank God for this important reminder that we are human. I Fell 2 nights ago on stage when a chair was literally pulled out from underneath me by mistake and I landed on the floor on my tail bone. I made it thru the show last night but just barely because I hate disappointing. However today even I can see that this broken doll held together with tape and glue, needs to stay in bed and rest for a few days so she can finish the tour with a smile on her face and in one piece. Thank You for your understanding Paris! #madamextheatre

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