Madonna cancels second Madame X Tour show in London
January 25, 2020 News

Madonna cancels second Madame X Tour show in London

After rescheduling the opening night of the Madame X Tour concert in London, Madonna just announced she has to cancel the second night under doctors guidance.

The full statement…

I am deeply sorry that I have to cancel my concert scheduled for Monday January 27th in London. Under doctors guidance I have been told to rest for a few days.

As you all know I have injuries that have plagued me since the beginning of the tour but I must always listen to my body and put my health first.

The last thing I want to do is disappoint my fans or compromise the integrity of my show. So I will keep going until I cannot.

As always- anyone who purchased a ticket will be refunded for tickets purchased that evening.

The show on Wednesday January 29th will go as scheduled.

Again I am deeply sorry to disappoint anyone and please know that it hurts me more than you can imagine to have to cancel any shows.

Thank you again for your understanding.

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