Remixers United Vol.4: Donny, Lukesavant, DJ Skiddle, Cleo, Dubtronic and more…
November 4, 2013 Remixes

Remixers United Vol.4: Donny, Lukesavant, DJ Skiddle, Cleo, Dubtronic and more…

Remixers United Productions started in 2010 with one basic concept: Gather multiple remixers from around the world to create the ultimate tribute to an artist. They just released their latest collaboration “Remixers United Vol.4”

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CD 1
Lucky Star (Donny’s Turning up the Love Mix)
Borderline (D’LuxedJ’s not Quite a Dub Re-Dub)
Like a Virgin (DJ Skiddle Mix)
Into The Groove (New Puzzle Mix)
Angel (Donny’s Angelic Club Mix)
Papa Don’t Preach (Lukesavant MDNA Mix)
Who’s That Girl (Lukesavant MDNA Mix)
Like a Prayer (DJ Skiddle Mix)
Love Song (Lukesavant MDNA Mix)
Till Death do us Part (Dubtronic Reconstruction 2013)
This used to be my Playground (Dubtronic Reconstruction 2013)

CD 2
Erotica (Lukesavant Insatiable Mix)
Bad Girl (Joel Dickinson 2013 Glitzhop Mix)
Secret (Joel Dickinson 2013 Glitzhop Mix)
Let Down Your Guard (Lukesavant MDNA Mix)
Human Nature (DJ Cloak (N) Dagger Mix)
Bedtime Story (Nick Antropov Remix)
I’d Rather be Your Lover (Lukesavant MDNA Mix)
I Want You (Retrosonic Soulful Mix)
Ray of Light (Retrosonic Culture Mix)
The Power of Good-Bye (Donny’s Departure Mix)
Music (Klimis Ioannidis Love Revolution Club Mix)

CD 3
Don’t Tell me (Cleo’s Sad Girl Mystic Mix)
What it Feels like for a Girl (DJ Skiddle Mix)
American Life (DJ Cloak (N) Dagger Mix)
Hollywood (Retrosonic Boulevard Mix)
Easy Ride (New Puzzle Mix)
Hung up (Lukesavant Vs Bitch is Back Mix)
Sorry (Dubtronic Wanna Know Mix)
Get Together (Byron St. John Interstellar Dream-IX)
Jump (DJ Skiddle Mix)
Isaac (Maxim Andreev Mix)
Future Lovers (Donny’s Brilliant Mix)

CD 4
Miles Away (DJ Skiddle Mix)
She’s not me (Cleopatra’s Never let you Forget Mix)
Voices (Nick Antropov Remix)
Infinity (Lukesavant Vs Eots Mix)
Celebration (Retrosonic Party Mix)
Revolver (Byron St. John’s Pussycat Kill Kill Mix)
Masterpiece (Maxim Andreev Intimate Mix)
Girl Gone Wild (Maxim Andreev Overture Mix)
Gang Bang (Dubtronic Out of Hell Mix)
I Don’t Give a (Lukesavant Rebirth Mix)
Love Spent (Cleo’s Acoustic Club Mix)

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