Madonna could be making $500 million this year!
May 12, 2012 News

Madonna could be making $500 million this year!

According to the HuffingtonPost Madonna could be making as much as $500 million in one year alone!

Here’s a breakdown of what she’s poised to pocket in 2012…

$300 million from her MDNA World Tour. Live Nation announced $240 Million in ticket sales before a South American leg was added, which could earn an additional $40 million-plus. An Australian leg of the tour is being announced shortly.

– Industry insiders say $75 million in tour merchandise sales is not unlikely. This has always been a huge moneymaker for Madonna, who will have an even bigger spread of merchandise available at her upcoming shows.

$60 million is expected in sales for her new perfume, Truth or Dare, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

– Insiders report that Madonna made $10 million from her recent deal with Smirnoff. The company has been hyping her tour with TV spots and has just released a special “Madonna” edition bottle of their vodka.

– The Queen of Pop is hoping to rake in $10 million in TV and DVD worldwide rights for the broadcast of her upcoming tour.

– Retail experts say Madonna will earn $5 million in 2012 from her “Material Girl” clothing line and upcoming Macy’s lingerie line.

The Huffington Post didn’t include the sales of Madonna’s latest album MDNA that already sold more than 1 million copies worldwide…

It’s good to be Queen!

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