Dave Audé: “Girl Gone Wild” could have sonically been mixed better in the album!
March 20, 2012 Interviews

Dave Audé: “Girl Gone Wild” could have sonically been mixed better in the album!

Dave Audé, who recently remixed Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”, was interviewed by PopServations…

While remixing some of music’s heaviest hitters is nothing new for you, I have to ask about one of your latest superstar remixes, Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild.” Did you feel any additional pressure, having been ‘given the keys’? What was your goal, sound-wise, for the remix?

Dave Audé: I worked on two remixes for Madonna years ago, “Music” and “Don’t Tell Me,” but neither saw a proper release, so it’s cool that I’ve been ‘given the keys’ again! I heard “Girl Gone Wild” and immediately fell in love with it. My goal was to produce a non-fluffy mix that rocked and I feel I nailed it!

It doesn’t really get any bigger than Madonna, does it — The Queen of Pop and a club music legend. Of all of her remixes, do you have a favorite?

Dave Audé: My unreleased mix of “Music.” LOL, sorry, it is!

Your remix of “Girl Gone Wild” has gotten a great reaction, with some suggesting it should be the official single version. One even said he’s replacing the album version with yours when MDNA comes out.

Dave Audé: Wow, I appreciate that. My version is different than the original. It’s probably too banging to be an album cut.
I do think the album cut could have sonically been mixed better, but that is simply my opinion and my taste. The fact that I hear things differently probably helps me produce records. Anyway, thanks for suggesting that!

What’s your approach when doing a remix of an existing track like “Girl Gone Wild”? I imagine the process is different than when you’re creating something completely from scratch, like your productions with Jessica Sutta, for example. (Amazing, by the way.)

Dave Audé: Thank you. My approach is really the same, except in this case I have the vocal so there’s somewhere to start from. Remixing and producing these days are exactly the same, there’s no difference really, it’s all producing.

Source: Popservations.com

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