Madonna’s Super Bowl Half Time Show Divides Twitter
February 6, 2012 News

Madonna’s Super Bowl Half Time Show Divides Twitter

A hot mix of emotions flooded Twitter as Madonna took the stage to perform the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI.
According to an analysis by Kanjoya, a San Francisco company that uses a computer algorithm to detect emotion in social media posts, differing opinions dominated Twitter.

Among the most commonly used words in posts about Madonna were “amazing,” “great,” “good,” “best,” “bad” and “hating.”

Many writers quickly started snarking, poking fun and adopting a mocking tone.
They frequently used words like “old,” “seriously” and “retire.”

Madonna’s fans took to the Web to defend her from abuse. Among their angry tweets, “shut up” was one of the most commonly used phrases.

Whether they loved her or hated her, Twitter writers were unified by one thing: Fascination with Madonna’s age.
According to Twitter, one of most used phrases right now is, “Madonna is 53.”

Source: LA Times Blog

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