Madonna Plays Lola Songs… While Recording
January 12, 2012 News

Madonna Plays Lola Songs… While Recording

While recording an interview for Graham Norton’s “BBC” show, to be shown tomorrow night, Madonna also revealed that she was just like every other harassed mother of teenagers. She told how her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes raids her wardrobe to steal her clothes and often shows her “no respect”.
She said…

“She is 15, but she’s very sophisticated for her age. I don’t even have to ask, and she gives me her opinion.
I play her songs and say ‘What do you think. Like it, don’t like it? Cool, uncool?’ She’s very opinionated.

If I say to my daughter ‘that outfit is a little bit too risqué’, my daughter will look at me and say ‘that’s rich, coming from you’.
And she borrows my clothes a lot. She’s always sneaking into my room at six in the morning, when I’m sleeping.
She loves these combat boots that I wear. Maybe she loans them to her friends, because I don’t see them for weeks.

She doesn’t like the fact she still has a nanny, but I have four kids; so I need someone to look after them.
My nanny said ‘You’ve got to give your mum her boots back’.
She said ‘Whatever, she’ll get over it’. I was thinking ‘Wow, she doesn’t hear me at all’. I don’t care about the boots, it’s her attitude.
When I’m at home with my children …. I hear all the complaints and all the moaning, and I still have to threaten to kill them, if they won’t do their homework.

I don’t want any of my children to leave me. I’m locking them in the house.”

source: dailymail

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