Rosanna Arquette: Madonna has that star quality
October 16, 2011 News

Rosanna Arquette: Madonna has that star quality

Rosanna Arquette gave an interview to entertainment website A.V. Club. She answered questions about her career and how she made her mark with such classic films as “After Hours”, “Desperately Seeking Susan”, and “Pulp Fiction”.
When asked how it was to work with Madonna, given that she hadn’t really done a film before, Rosanna answered…

“Yeah, I mean, she wasn’t an actress.
She had no acting experience.
But she certainly had a presence.
She was becoming the biggest thing in the world as we were doing the film. So she wasn’t that big, but she was this presence on MTV, so I kept seeing the Lucky Star video and just being obsessed with how gorgeous she was.
She has that star quality. She really does.
It’s like Angelina Jolie, where she walks in and you just go, ‘Wow.’
She has it.
And she always had that presence.
I’m really looking forward to seeing her movie that she directed. I’ve heard it’s good, and I’m really excited for her.
We got to know each other during that film, and for a while we were really close.
I just found an album of Like A Virgin where she wrote, ‘Rosanna, I love you!’ I thought, ‘I should really frame that.’ [Laughs.]
But we’ve lost touch over the years.
I wish her well, though, and I’m happy for her that she’s doing so well. And that she has such beautiful children.”

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