Andrea Riseborough: Madonna and I were complicit
February 9, 2011 News

Andrea Riseborough: Madonna and I were complicit

Promoting her upcoming movie “Brighton Rock”, Andrea Riseborough made an appearance on morning television news programme “BBC Breakfast”.
During the interview she also talked about Madonna’s forthcoming film W.E…

BBC: It’s interesting because Wallis Simpson comes out of the “King’s Speech” very badly. Is this viewed from a very different angle? How did she come across?
Andrea Riseborough: It’s strange, because watching it for me was like watching the other half of something that I’ve been so immersed in for such a long time… the other half of the tail as it were.

BBC: Do we get more sympathy for her?
Andrea Riseborough: Objectively, when you’re researching it initially, you form all sorts of opinions. I have an idea of what I think is the truth, and Madonna and I were complicit in that. When I watched “King’s Speech”, it’s the other half of that truth… but there are so many versions of the truth, are there not (laughs).

BBC: Exciting to be picked as an English actress to be playing such a very strong American persona?
Andrea Riseborough: Something actually that I was really surprised about, was how blinkered we were during that period as a country. I wasn’t alive then, you guys weren’t… at the very beginning of their affair really. Right up until two weeks before the abdication, I think, Stanley Baldwin had an embargo on press, which Edward and Walice believed was a friendly hand to some extent, because it maintained her reputation – she was married to Ernest at the time. But actually what it did was really disgruntle the English people far more when they realised that they were going to lose their king and to an American divorcee twice over from Baltimore who they never really seen before up until two weeks uptil the abdication. so she came off as terribly badly wearing gorgeous gowns. It didn’t help her. But I think, having read her correspondance. She was a very good woman.

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