Avril Lavigne: Don’t compare me to Madonna
February 7, 2011 News

Avril Lavigne: Don’t compare me to Madonna

Avril Lavigne admires Madonna’s longevity in the music industry but dislikes being compared to her.
She told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show…

“I definitely don’t like being compared to other people. Madonna is Madonna and I’m totally different to her.
I think what she has done is really great.
She has worked really hard and had a wonderful career and balanced that out really well with having a family.
At one time that is something that I did say. I was like ‘I wanna have a long career and hope to be around like Madonna’ – she’s done movies , she’s done tours and all that stuff and it’s so much fun what I do and I’d love to keep doing this for as long as I can”

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