Madonna considers including “Rescue me” on her new tour
May 3, 2019 News

Madonna considers including “Rescue me” on her new tour

During a backstage interview at the Billboard Music Awards Madonna confirmed she is currently working on the new tour and may consider adding “Rescue me” to the setlist!

Madonna had the following to say about the tour…

It’s been spoken about in such a deep way that I’m actually having production meetings.
Yes [the tour is happening!]

When asked why she never performed “Rescue Me”, “This Used to Be My Playground” or “I’ll Remember”, she said…

I’ll tell you why… because they’re very laidback, dreamy songs. They don’t usually go in my… [rah rah rah].
“Rescue Me” is kinda dope! I’ve actually… I’ll consider that one.
Your love has given me hope, OK? To quote the song.

“Rescue Me” appeared on Madonna’s first greatest hits album, The Immaculate Collection (1990), written and produced with Shep Pettibone.

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