Giorgio Moroder: Madonna is still relevant
December 31, 2014 News

Giorgio Moroder: Madonna is still relevant

For the promotion of his next LP “74 Is the New 24”, Italian record producer/DJ Giorgio Moroder gave an interview to BANG Showbiz and had this to say about Madonna…

Madonna is still relevant, people still love her and she’s still good. She’s getting older of course but she still has a great voice. I think if she makes the right dance album I think she could become quite big again. I know she’s working with very young people and I think she could do well with the right record.

Madonna is an admirer of Moroder and her track ‘Future Lovers’ – which featured on her 2005 album ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ – has a bass line inspired by Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’, which Moroder produced. She also opened her 2006 ‘Confessions Tour’ with a medley of ‘Future Lovers’ and ‘I Feel Love’.

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