Madonna’s charitable works in Malawi jeopardised?
February 26, 2014 News

Madonna’s charitable works in Malawi jeopardised?

The incessant work Madonna is doing to carry out a number of charitable works in Malawi seems to remain in jeopardy if what a local newspaper has reported is anything to go by that the board of Non-Governmental organizations (NGO) has turn down an application by the Queen of Pop to have her Trust registered in Malawi.

Madonna is linked to be the brain behind Raising Malawi Trust though other reports indicate that she is just one of the trustees.

The Sunday Times newspaper has quoted an undisclosed source from the Civil Society community in Malawi who has revealed that the Joyce Banda government is deliberately frustrating any moved by Madonna attributing the whole scenario as “bad blood” between President Joyce Banda and Madonna.
Madonna and his adopted Malawian son David Banda

The source is quoted as saying..

From the look of things, Madonna’s work in the country will continue facing challenges as long as the current administration continues to call the shots.

The source further claimed that some top government officials have been pressing the NGO board not to accept Madonna’s application.

Board Chairperson for NGO’s Board in Malawi Emily Banda has since turned down the claims and revealed that Madonna own no single NGO in Malawi but rather is one of the trustees of a number of NGO’s including the Raising Malawi Trust.

She told the paper…

Let me mention that Madonna the musician does not have an NGO that applied for registration; rather, Madonna is one of the trustees in several organizations that applied for registration. One that I call that we have not registered is Raising Malawi Trust.

She claimed that the trust failed to meet the required registration requirements.

The NGO chief however could not completely rule out Raising Trust Malawi, saying they still stand a chance if they bring forward the other required documents.

Meanwhile, 380 NGO’S have been registered according to Banda.

She has however asked all registered NGO’s to always comply with the country’s registration laws and failing which they will be fined or completely turned down.

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