The MDNA Tour in Amsterdam [7 & 8 July 2012 – Pictures, Videos & Reviews]
July 10, 2012 News, Pictures, Video

The MDNA Tour in Amsterdam [7 & 8 July 2012 – Pictures, Videos & Reviews]

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It was great this weekend and Amsterdam is one of my favorite adventures so far of MDNA.

July 7, I departed from home at around 7am and I was around 8.30 in the Ziggodome and was number 26 in line early access. I will so many friends including Madonna Gio, Sanne, Kim, Ingrid, Anita, Mary, Wilma and Robin and a tad too many foreign friends and I spent a while first, everyone say hello and chat, it was this super nice and time went fast. My friend Maureen came not much later than my nice together again and we can retrieve memories of other concerts we have done together. The weather was also good with nice temperature and dry in the shade. Next to us was in the ordinary pitches too soon busy and full. Around 15.30 we went from 10 clubs in our gifts early access to retrieve this time no hear and watch, the Netherlands is often called something else, but a nice canvas bag containing a perfume tester of Truth or Dare, a very nice key USB STICK hard candy and a gym towel with logo etc. … liked the gift not only what we had here was a laminate and I think that it was in the description of the tickets so that was a pity. This all went quiet and went well.

Around 17.00 hours, the IPAD LADY again as a sweet girl and everyone had to sit down again and was allowed per person print, unfortunately for me and behind me but for them they won super fun but I’m still express itself with the unfortunately unlucky .. .. but I knew that I was super spot near the catwalk because there would be 8 for me and I went to the pit only 14 people had for me in the queue.

Around 18.00 hours we were in and bag check, early access to tape and ticket scanning. With go inside we had to calm down but unfortunately some people were still running and there are some cases people have been injured and unfortunately, it all went very well and I saw a spot at the tip of the runway to the gate and I had who thought of me and my friends Maureen and Wilma. We were super and have ability to follow the show and Madonna just right in front of me and they had often looked in our direction and stuck her ass in the direction of our human nature and what has that man stooped mmmm tasty buttocks …. :)) )))

The show was fantastic and I found this so far my best place I had the same weight and I was afraid 15 minutes before it started at 22.10 not like to be the fatigue of travel and 4 weeks follow Madonna was a bit his play tricks and a woman madonna team approached me and said everything went well and also had that sweet Jenny sent her to me and said I’m superfan. She wanted me pitticket offer but said to me that the best place I have ever had and if I would come in the pit was full of very good spot and no more could possibly find. I thought I let it but persevere and thanked her and I really have to keep standing but I was rescued and am so glad that I stand I had a view about everything and Madonna was so often in front of me amazing …. .

Afterwards I went with my friends and Wilma Robin home and had agreed that I would sleep because after a few hours yet go ziggodome had the 2nd concert mdna ….. Robin had arranged through his brother who a limousine company that regularly works we were picked up by a limo in style and are thus left to their house … was really great and gave me the feeling here is how Madonna should feel hihi …

the next day at about 8am breakfast they had made love around 14.00 and Gert would be my buddy and together ziggodome to leave. Sooner had I not pulled and I knew I would stand in the pit because my dear friend Mickael via Icon and had won and had asked me for the pit and gert did not mind and thought it was great that we once not so early because he did all of roosendaal to castricum had for the kids and that was also enjoyable.

Around 14.40 we arrived and it was raining really bad and saw mickael and stand under a shelter we were about number 96 and 97 so was not too bad for the time we arrived the weather could well have experienced and I had all through the cam on ziggodome followed by wilma on the computer so I knew it was not so busy was funny to see the way …..

yeah and when we got the early access tapes, gifts and then retrieve the IPADLADY for Gert pitticket tried to win but unfortunately for us and behind us won so he would just stand at the catwalk. We had now some nice women to meet and chat with nice and so that would be fine and keep him busy haha ??…..

Then had to Mickael and I took our pitbandjes get through icon and around 18.00 back in and again was Madonna even with soundcheck doing really great she was so nice and open and I stood in front stage in the pit and they also took flowers from someone great so …. they had a nice cozy mood and remained 2 songs for us and said see you in a few hours …..

The show was great again, and her speech was great and helped a couple with a marriage proposal really great got it on film are …..

Thanks to everyone who shared their material!

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