Nicki Minaj: Kissing Madonna Was The Strangest Thing
April 20, 2012 News

Nicki Minaj: Kissing Madonna Was The Strangest Thing

Nicki Minaj was stunned and trembling when Madonna planted a kiss on her lips during a video shoot, insisting she was convinced it was a dream.
She teamed up with Madonna to film a video for their track “Give Me All Your Luvin’” in December, just days ahead of Minaj’s 29th birthday.
Madonna shocked the star by presenting her with a cake and kissing her full on the lips as an early birthday gift – and Minaj admits the saucy surprise left her speechless.

She just told U.K. talk show host Graham Norton…

“You can’t really call it making out.
She kissed me but I didn’t kiss her.
I wasn’t expecting it and was shocked like everyone else.
I was shaking and thinking, ‘Is this really happening and why is she doing this?’
It was the strangest thing, except she had very soft lips…
I guess you could say that (she’s a good kisser), but we didn’t hang around in that lip locking thing.
It wasn’t all drawn out and crazy.”

Have a look at the Madonna & Nicki Minaj kiss…

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