Madonna: I Haven’t Seen Pedro Almodóvar’s Film, Sorry!
October 18, 2011 News

Madonna: I Haven’t Seen Pedro Almodóvar’s Film, Sorry!

Almodóvar’s latest film late last week, everyone repaired to the newly reopened Double Seven to celebrate, and who should walk in at midnight but Madonna?
Celebs including Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa, and Parker Posey immediately flocked to Her Madgesty’s side, and when we finally got our turn, we asked what she thought of the film, knowing she’s a big fan of the director and his lead actor, Antonio Banderas (her Evita co-star).
Instead of raving about it, she apologized…

“I haven’t seen the film, no, I’m sorry!
I’m dying to see it!
Tonight didn’t work out, but I really can’t wait.”

So why was Madonna at a film premiere party for a film she hadn’t seen?
Is she just a party monster?
Actually, turns out she had a good excuse: It was also her daughter Lourdes’s birthday, and she had to celebrate that first. That might explain why baby daddy Carlos Leon was in tow, along with other friends, including Debi Mazar. (Lourdes, now 15, must have a curfew — she didn’t attend).

To Pedro Almodovar: Did you know Madonna was coming tonight?

“No! It was a surprise!
She said she wanted to come to the screening, too, but it was her daughter’s birthday, and I said, ‘Oh! That’s a good reason.'”

Source: NY Mag
Many thanks to Jennifer

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