Liza Minnelli: Madonna is Terrific!
September 27, 2011 News

Liza Minnelli: Madonna is Terrific!

Showbiz royalty Liza Minnelli gives an interview to the Daily Mail. She talks about Madonna, lady Gaga and the value of shock in show business.
Here’s what she had to say…

On Madonna

“I think she’s terrific.
When I’m chatting to her, she’s just normal, the opposite of grand.
We’ll meet in a restaurant with friends. Or hang out at a party.
She’s always interesting and interested.
She’s smart as hell and keeps her eyes peeled.
She misses nothing.”

On Lady Gaga

“Lady Gaga is into the Madonna thing: shock value.
And it works. But the girl has a big talent.
Gaga and Madonna have realised the value of shock.
But why not?
You need to do anything you can in this business to get noticed.
And they’ve both done it brilliantly.”

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