Standing Ovations From The Public (Not The Press) For Madonna In Toronto
September 13, 2011 News

Standing Ovations From The Public (Not The Press) For Madonna In Toronto

Madonna on Monday said she doesn’t mind any criticism of her filmmaking abilities, so long as it is directed at her movie and not at herself.
She told reporters…

“I had the same kind of pressure when I began my music career.
I was nervous, and I didn’t know what to expect, and people didn’t know what to expect.
I can tell when people are reviewing my film and when they’re reviewing me personally.
I welcome criticism of my film when it’s viewed as an artistic form and not when people are mentioning things about my personal life or my achievements in any other [areas] — because they’re irrelevant to the film.
So when they stick to the film, then I do care.”

At the earlier Monday morning press screening of Madonna’s W.E., it was a paltry crowd of less than 100 who reportedly showed up for their first opportunity to see her directing and writing efforts.
By the time it was finished, less than half remained in the massive 555-seat Scotiabank Theatre.

But the evening screening at the “Roy Thomson Hall” and North American Premiere of the film, was another story.

Before the film started (a half hour late) Madonna told the hometown crowd…

“As you know I grew up in Detroit Michigan so I almost feel Canadian.
Even when I have been arrested here I had a heck of a time.”

Following the screening, the crowd gave Madonna a standing ovation!

The Toronto reviews aren’t all unanymous, but once again, the public loved the movie!

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