Archers of Loaf’s Eric Bachmann Talks About Madonna
June 28, 2011 News

Archers of Loaf’s Eric Bachmann Talks About Madonna

Today, NY Magazine published an article on singer/guitarist Eric Bachmann who was the frontman of American indie-rock band Archers of Loaf.
The group formed in 1990 and released a total of four studio albums until the band broke up in 1998.
During the 90s, Madonna tried to sign them on Maverick Records but they politely declined.
Here’s what Bachmann had to say about Madonna and her label…

“We didn’t like the bands that were associated with the label.
We don’t want to be associated with Candlebox.
I know that’s pretentious, but we’re going to own it.
Madonna herself, however, was both awesome and classy.
She came to one of our shows and sat down backstage.
We were talking about records … and then there was a silence, we were both looking down.
I said, ‘Do you want to say something about my shoes?’
She said, ‘Well, they’re kind of dorky. For the record, they were Chucks.
But we were both smiling, so it was more flirty than hostile.”

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